May 11, 2011


I know... a whole month!! I've been "absent.with.out.leave" for a whole month!! I really have no real excuse. I have been insanely busy since the article in the Fernie Fix..but really, is that an excuse?!

Well...I'm back and first up, I'll show you what I've been up to...

I've been involved in a few charitable events, being asked to donate items for auction/door prizes. For the Early Learning fair last month I made a gathered clutch for mum out of my stash and crayon roll up(sorry no picture)for a lucky child. The goodies were given away as a door prize. I can't wait to see someone sporting it around town!

BTW... here is a look at my business card.

Today I'm working on an upcycled market bag/tote idea for the Relay for Life coming up in June. This is just one of the many events taking place this month to raise money for the Cancer Foundation. I'm restyling last years relay t-shirts into bags they will to sell to raise additional money.  Interested? Tutorial to follow.

One of the more exciting projects I took on this month was creating a wedding dress for my friend Sandra in 2 1/2 days! She had been working with another local seamstress, and for many reasons, the seamstress felt she could not complete the dress for Sandra in time. Argh?!! Poor Sandra called me in such a panic, just 4 days before she was set to depart for Nevada for her wedding, asking me if I could take over the project. I was very hesitant, as you can imagine, to take over someone else's work, but after realising I would essentially be starting from scratch, I jumped in, and 2 1/2 days later...a wedding dress. 

The pictures make it look like such a simple dress, but believe it or not, it had 28 different pieces, including a boned corset that worked independently of the dress exterior. Not simple at all. 
Whew!!! Was I relieved when she put it on at the final fitting and IT FIT!!! 

I had an hour before she was due to pick the dress up, so quickly sewed up a little drawstring bag, including some essential emergency items: thread, tissues, pins. She was thrilled and I so was I to see how tearfully happy she was. I have included the only picture I have of her in her dress and will post more pictures she is allowing me to post when she returns.

All the best Sandra and Hal. My love and best wishes to you both!