November 30, 2010

calling all those with a big heart...

Cancer...the BIG C...not many of us have "escaped" being touched by this one in one way or another.

I got inspiring an email this week from Naomi at Heaven and Stitch Design, calling all those who sew, knit, crochet to join her in making caps for chemotherapy patients at the Tom Baker cancer centre in Calgary. 
I am inspired. How about you?

Join me this Friday morning, 9:30am+ for coffee and cake...and lets create. Children are welcome...I know it's a no-school-friday. Bring your machine, your needles, your hooks, your helping hands, your caring hearts. If you don't consider yourself a crafty person, have no fear, come anyway, we can use your hands...come learn a thing or two...just come.

Leave a comment below if you plan on coming by.


ps: donations of fabric and/or yarn would be nice too...;)

November 29, 2010

have you met the Neilsons?

Adorable family!! Adorable film/photoshoot idea!!
Check out Stephanie's blog.
Inspiring woman.

November 28, 2010

best weekend ever!

No real post toady because of a weekend of this...

life is good!

November 27, 2010

So Simple

What did you make for dinner today? 
I tell you this snowy weather makes me hungry! 
On a cold winter's eve there is nothing better than a roast.

Today, satisfying my Australian roots, I picked up a beautiful butterflied lamb leg
at the grocery store...I knew just what to do.
Follow's soooo simple.

First collect your herbs and spices. Whatever flavours are speaking to you will be perfect. And no, lamb doesn't have to be paired with mint!
For me today it was what I had on hand: 

  • red onion, sliced wafer thin
  • garlic, crushed, but of course!
  • fresh basil, rolled between my palms to release its goodness
  • freshly cracked peppercorns
Lay that wee butterflied lambikin leg out and layer your herbs and spices on top. Roll her up and tie around with your trusty kitchen twine.

Don't forget to sear your lamb roll in a super hot pan to seal in the juices.

Pop it now in the oven with your favourite vegetables for roasting and away we go.

Voila! Done. 
A simply appetizing winter's evening feast. 

November 26, 2010

etsy find friday

Every Friday will be Friday Finds Day. 
Stop by each week and check out my latest Friday Finds.

With snow on the brain (yes, it's still snowing outside!!!) this week I browsed "snow" on one of my favourite shopping sites :

1. taviasanza  2.pipodoll  3.morticiasnow  4. bessetteart
5. simpleshapes  6. kimberite  7. charoneldesigns  8. retroanimals

Beautiful vintage sequinned snowflake hat, prints to make you smile, stunning necklace made from vintage beads and brooches (sigh!!), necessary warm cowl, wall decals to get you in the mood, ooo oooo this dress ( I need!) gift tags, even the dogs can feeling the snowy winter vibe. What's your fav?

If you don't know about Etsy...get into the twenty first century people! You MUST check it out. It is a global community website connecting sellers and buys of handmade and vintage goods...sounds like heaven to me!!! What can be better than buying from the creator, the artist themselves?!

November 25, 2010


Big day!! Today we picked up our ski passes in readiness for the long-awaited-ski-hill-opening this week early!!! 
Can you hear my inner squeals of delight?!!! 
Despite my broken shoulder (boo!) I'll be out there cruising with the kids. 
Hope to see you local-yokels there!

How much do I love this little man

Well, I'm still trying to pull IT together today to post...
stay tuned more coming this afternoon...
whilst we wait "tune in" over here

My sister Amber and her friend Bec have opened a e-store servicing the southern hemisphere with handmade goodies. Check out some of their creations...adorable.

this one is so Mark! I don't know why...seriously!!!

November 24, 2010


Welcome to my new blog!
I am so excited...despite my apprehension...

You can find some of the old me and 
lots of my super awesome sister..who is very creative... here!

Thanks for stopping by!!!