About Me


Me? Who am I?


My name is Jacqueline.

I am a loving wife, adoring mother, devoted daughter, slightly crazy sister ;) a true friend. 
I am an avid camper, mountain biker, hiker, surfer, skier, snowboarder...lover of the outdoors.
I am so very lucky to share this beautiful, small town in the heart of the 
Canadian Rocky Mountains with my best friend and husband Mr. S 
and two wonderful children, Ms. E and Mr.T.  

I admit....I am a little obsessed!
My major craving in life is creativity: Mine, yours, theirs...
I am constantly marvelling at how amazingly resourceful and inventive people are. 
I have a passion for the handmade, especially repurposed, restyled, recycled creations. 
I adore all things vintage and ultra modern, both....is that possible?!
I love to...no I MUST create...I know, you know what I mean!!

 I enjoy the simplest things.....


Where did it all begin?


I remember watching my mum sew clothes for my sister and I...thinking ooooooo 
I want to do that. 
I remember learning the lesson that, despite using the coolest Holly Hobby Sewing Machine... doll's still needed a hole in their dresses for a head to go through.
I remember secretly loving high school home ec classes...although desperately trying to appear like I didn't.
I remember, however,  being truly, devestatingly horrified to win the home economic prize year after year....soooo uncool


I think I have always sewn, knitted, crocheted, crafted. 
I am proud to be self taught.
I am content.

I don't know who I would be without my passion.


I would love to hear from you...anytime.

Thanks for coming on by!