November 27, 2010

So Simple

What did you make for dinner today? 
I tell you this snowy weather makes me hungry! 
On a cold winter's eve there is nothing better than a roast.

Today, satisfying my Australian roots, I picked up a beautiful butterflied lamb leg
at the grocery store...I knew just what to do.
Follow's soooo simple.

First collect your herbs and spices. Whatever flavours are speaking to you will be perfect. And no, lamb doesn't have to be paired with mint!
For me today it was what I had on hand: 

  • red onion, sliced wafer thin
  • garlic, crushed, but of course!
  • fresh basil, rolled between my palms to release its goodness
  • freshly cracked peppercorns
Lay that wee butterflied lambikin leg out and layer your herbs and spices on top. Roll her up and tie around with your trusty kitchen twine.

Don't forget to sear your lamb roll in a super hot pan to seal in the juices.

Pop it now in the oven with your favourite vegetables for roasting and away we go.

Voila! Done. 
A simply appetizing winter's evening feast. 

1 comment:

Amber said...

Mmmmm looks tasty Jacq. I'll have to pull that out for inspiration in 6 months or so. The thought of putting the oven on when it is +36C outside is just yuck. Looking forward to tomorrow's post....