November 26, 2010

etsy find friday

Every Friday will be Friday Finds Day. 
Stop by each week and check out my latest Friday Finds.

With snow on the brain (yes, it's still snowing outside!!!) this week I browsed "snow" on one of my favourite shopping sites :

1. taviasanza  2.pipodoll  3.morticiasnow  4. bessetteart
5. simpleshapes  6. kimberite  7. charoneldesigns  8. retroanimals

Beautiful vintage sequinned snowflake hat, prints to make you smile, stunning necklace made from vintage beads and brooches (sigh!!), necessary warm cowl, wall decals to get you in the mood, ooo oooo this dress ( I need!) gift tags, even the dogs can feeling the snowy winter vibe. What's your fav?

If you don't know about Etsy...get into the twenty first century people! You MUST check it out. It is a global community website connecting sellers and buys of handmade and vintage goods...sounds like heaven to me!!! What can be better than buying from the creator, the artist themselves?!


Amber said...

I like your Friday finds. I should do the same for us Australians 'made-it Mondays'. Ha!! I love that dress too. If it fits you, let me know and consider it yours. Merry xmas from Oz. Go grab it quick before one of your readers does!!!


Jacqueline said...

oooOOOOOO!!! yes please!!! Santa knows what I like!!!