December 7, 2010

before and after... the master

I finally have a bedroom I'm not ashamed of. 
I no longer feel the urge to race and close the door when 
company arrives, to avoid their retinas being burned permanently 
by the horridly vivid green and yellow combination we 
previously suffered. For ten long years we suffered...not any more!!!

New dyrwall, a lovely shade of warm grey ( I had to educate Mr.S that indeed there is such a thing as a warm v's cold knew that didn't you;) and a little trim...
changed the vibe in here...totally!

Add new super soft bedding, grown up lamps I have fallen in love with, faux  sheepskin...and of course a co-ordinating bed for tira-two-ears at the foot of our bed where she loves to curl up.

When looking to accessorise, in my opinion, thrifting will always provide you with decor both unique and affordable. I thrifted these frames and mirrors forever ago...I knew they would work somewhere...someday..and they do...don't you think?!

 A quick coat of high gloss white paint to unify them and ...wahlah!

Wondering what that is I am using for my necklaces? It's nothing but a teaspoon know, for collectors. The earring display is merely an unused photo frame with the photo replaced by a little wallpaper and fly screen...So simple!

Oh, I almost forgot to show you. I thrifted this beautiful vintage wallpaper, an age ago and amazingly it works with the colour scheme we have chosen so perfectly! It has a wonderful muted roses print topped by a warm golden sheen finish. I am seriously contemplating putting it up on the one wall behind the bed where the bedhead, we don't have, should be. I think it will not only complement what we have so far but also add a little depth, dimension and unexpected interest. 

What do you think?

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