December 3, 2010

Good as Gold Gala : Friday Finds

 Living in a small mountain town doesn't provide many opportunities to get all gussied up and paaaartee. However, thanks to Freyja and the Fernie Clubhouse,  not only do we  deprived mountain folk get to dress to the nines, dabble in a little gambling, boogie to some wicked tunes,and generally drink and be merry,  but also help to raise much needed funds for the Salvation Army Family Services.

Left it to the last moment to buy a ticket...they are all sold out!! Good for the Sally-Ann, bad thing for Don't worry I'm on the hunt...wish me luck!
 I feel like Charlie Bucket...

I have however, been enjoying browsing around for gold looks suitable for this big is what I found...maybe a little inspiration to you too, whether you be drawn to a more edgy look, or more romantic.

Of course I love the look bottom right, from Adam at Netporter...a mere $1895! 

Sooooo beautiful!!!

Tune in this afternoon for my take on accessories....


Amber said...

Good luck with your hunt!

Jacqueline said...

Found ticket!!! I'm off to the I mean Gala!