February 11, 2011

friday finds

thrifted tea spoon displays...

to make more necklace displays.

thrifted pretty, sweet tea cups...

to create more of birdfeeders, like this one, I made 
for my mother-in-law last spring.

One of my favourite sets I've found so far. 
The combination of baby blue and gold stars is so sweet.

I have thrifted close to forty teacups and saucers ready to be upcycled.
Crafty times ahead!

some inspiration...

so sweet


Amber said...

Aren't those arty people so clever! Some of those light fixtures are fantastic. I'm going to be keeping my eyes out for those hideous spoon racks and when I find one, turn it into something beautiful. Thanks for the great idea.

kat said...

I love the look of the tea cup bangles but I can imagine the calamity if I actually tried to pull it off!
Think I might need more details on your bird feeder- that is cute.