February 24, 2011

tee-shirt necklace tutorial

Remember me these?
 Well, I promised you a tutorial and here it is. Come on...pull out those old tees you had set aside for cleaning rags and follow along...it's so easy!

You will need: 

tee-shirt or similar fabric
embellishments if you choose 
(I used some metal, ovoid discs I thrifted years ago, but you could use beads, etc)
long straight edge: I used my trusty yard stick
an olfa rotary cutter (scissors are totally fine)

Lay your fabric out, smoothing away any wrinkles. Cut parallel strips, the more you cut, the thicker your finished necklace. I cut my strips 3/4" wide. It's preference really.

Now the fun part...pull/stretch those strips as much as you can...come on, use those muscles! Your strips will lengthen and curl in on themselves...perfect! You'll end up with a nice pile of tee spaghetti.

Knot your strips end to end. Loop them around and around your neck, a coat hanger, a door knob, alternating and adjusting the length of your loops as you go. I used my dressmaking dummy for this.

Add your embellishments as you go. I knotted these silver discs fairly closely together and added short strips of tee spaghetti in between to create a sort-of-fringe. 

Be creative, the more random, the better...in my mind.

Finished! Now wasn't that so simple!!! I hope you give it a try!


Amber said...

Oh my, I don't check your blog for a day or two and you get all productive! Great tutorial & good photos. Don't know if I could carry these off but I might try with one of mr brown's old Ts. Thanks.

becky said...

love it jack, so funky, the blog is looking killer too.

Jacqueline said...

Thanks girls!! I'm lovin' it!