March 18, 2011

Holton Rower

Check this out. I just love the simplicity of this idea and the resulting beauty. The artist is New Yorker, Holton Rower and these pieces come from his "pour" series. Each piece is created by dripping paint onto three-dimensional objects.

In this series, Rower directs and collaborates with the forces of nature, leaving an element of the artistic process to the effects of gravity. The artist orchestrates the pouring of successive layers of coloured paint onto three-dimensional objects. 

The mesmerising beauty in his designs result, in part, from the effect of careful colour selection, timing, and pouring, and in part the less predictable result of gravity and surface forces on the materials.

Interesting huh?! So unique.

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Amber said...

wow that was really neat. Its beautiful & you're right, very mesmerizing. I'm sure if I tried that it would end up being a big brown puddle!
Thanks for finding that Jacq...