March 4, 2011

just a little peek...

Apologies everyone...I've been distracted...

There are two reasons I've been offline this week. First: WAY too much snow has fallen to ignore, over a meter in 7 days (!!) and I've been snowboarding every chance I can. I've also been sewing/crafting like a madwoman due to the second reason...this weekend is Griz Days here in Fernie, BC and the Griz Days Craft Market. I committed a month ago to a market table, not anticipating an insane amount of snow would fall the week of the event, and I would leave everything to the last minute. Typical!

Anyhoo, I'm happy how everything has come together, with a few set backs and a few lessons learned along the way. Another day of sewing today, after my epic morning of perfect powder skiing, I think I'll be in good shape.

Here's a sneak peek of some of what I have to share.
Take a break from the powpow and come by and visit me and my fellow crafty folk,
 tomorrow between 9 and 4.
See you there!

BTW...Thanks Griz! You da Man!!!


Tanya@Womb2Grow said...

oooo...looking good! i'll see you at the fair!

Amber said...

How did it go Jacq?