March 7, 2011

market days

Well Saturday has come and gone, and all in all, I'm pleased. The stall look came together simply and how I imagined...can you believe I had four serious offers to buy my wheatgrass?! You know it's time for spring to arrive, when? 

I offered hats, t-shirt jewellery, jersey infinity scafs, hand printed bandanas, baby onesies, jewellery holders and tea cup bird feeders.

I had lots of interest in my stuff and sold enough to make the day worthwhile. It was a great indicator of what interests people and what...not so much. I took some interesting custom orders and promoted my seamstress service, setting up some appointments for the week to come. I also made some great trades with some really clever, creative girls and fellow be honest, this is my favourite part of doing markets!!

Overall the markets were so very quiet, I think due to the fact most people were skiing the epic powpow at the hill...I know where I would've rather been...winkwink. A little disappointing, but expected. 

Now I'm ready to think SUMMER and get ready for the Canada Day Fair...that will be a good one!

1 comment:

Kelly J said...

Your stall looked great! I was wondering about the tea cups.I will check it out better next market. Thanks for the info on the wheatgrass.